Our 5 Year Guarantee

    WOW have been making world-class durable toys since 1997.  WOW toys are built to last due to their finest high-grade materials and rigorous quality control.  Even better, they do not require any batteries and we are confident your child will enjoy playing with their toy for many years.  We are therefore proud to offer our customers a 5 Year Guarantee against manufacturing defects.  The guarantee applies from the date of purchase of the original owner, whether self-purchased or received as a gift. Proof of purchase must be supplied to claim your 5 Year Guarantee.

    The guarantee covers any engine fault / faulty workmanship or breakage to any WOW vehicle, when used in normal, domestic conditions.  Please note; the guarantee does not include replacement figures and accessories. The guarantee does not cover engine fault if the toy has been used in sand, nor does the guarantee cover damage caused by improper use, wilful or accidental damage, damage caused by negligence, normal wear and tear, scuffs or scratches or damage caused by improper maintenance or cleaning (including the use of unidentified chemicals or cleaners containing corrosive agents). Any product or part which has been repaired or altered in any manner will void this guarantee.

    WOW may discontinue toys from time to time and makes no guarantee that it will continue to hold spare products or spare parts for discontinued toys. If WOW discontinues a toy, we will try to replace with a similar toy to the same value.    

    Following the changes to the law under the Data Protection Act 2018, our online form to register your guarantee is no longer available. To claim your 5 Year Guarantee:

    1. When bought online from www.wowtoys.com

    If the toy was purchased online from www.wowtoys.com a record of your purchase will exist.  Email clear images of the toy in question together with your contact details and date of purchase to us.

    2. When bought from a WOW stockist

    Return the toy together with the proof of purchase / a receipt to the retailer from where the toy was originally purchased. If this is not possible, email clear images of the toy in question together with your contact details and date of purchase.

    The claim must be made within 60 months of the purchase date. Defective toys will be replaced free of charge.  

    If you are a consumer, you have rights under law relating to the quality of the WOW Toy you have purchased in addition to the rights offered under this guarantee. This guarantee is in addition to and does not affect your legal rights.